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- Benjamin Franklin

Unexplained Health Problems?

A Medical Doctor will ask you to stick out your tongue and say ahhh?

ah ha

Did you ever notice that sticking out your tongue covers all your bottom teeth? The Doctor is interested finding clues to your health, but ignores the teeth. That is not his job. The Dentist is the person responsible for keeping your teeth healthy, and keeping any dental materials and bacteria from affecting your health. But the dentist is not trained or authorized to treat medical problems. It would seem that the paitent is stuck. Well, if you can find a good Biological Dentist, then many of your unexplained illness may mysteriously clear up on their own. Remember, when buying a horse, people check the teeth as an indicator of the overall health. Why are we so careless about our own health?


Mercury and your Health

This information is not intented to replace the adivce of your health care provider, but it is the author’s hope that the readers will find useful information here.